Experience fine dining at La Maison Kioi,
tucked away in a quiet corner of bustling Akasaka.

In the charming location of a classical estate,
savor our neo-bistro cuisine,
centered around a French esthetic but drawing influence
from all around the Mediterranean and along the Silk Road.

We are waiting to serve you the finest ingredients from all over the world,
prepared with a modern twist.
From favorites such as tartare and Rossini to dishes using exotic herbs
and spices such as coriander and those found in Asian green curries,
a wide range of tastes are catered for.

Bar Napoléon

The Bar Napoleon, long-cherished since its opening 56 years ago,
has been reborn with the same name but in the form of five new rooms
each with a different key concept.

Cognac, Edith Piaf, Paris, Coco Chanel,
and Napoleon's beloved steed.
These five uniquely French images have each been used as the core concept for a room,
with color schemes designed to match.

Choose your favorite,
and enjoy a charming respite from the tumult of the world.


Fresh delicacies are baked every morning,
and put on display in our show case: traditional opera cakes and tartes,
fragrant butter cookies from yesteryear,
macarons baked under the guidance of the Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris.
Enjoy them in our classic café,
or send them as a gift to someone special.

LUNCH 11:00-14:30
CAFE 11:00-22:00
DINNER 17:30〜21:00 Last in(21:30 Last Order)
BAR 18:00-24:00
TEL : 03-6261-1153